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Equipment Service & Repairs 
Specification Testing 
System Design (Conceptual & Final Designs) 
Fault Diagnostics 
Site Inspection - System Evaluation & Recommendation 
STI-PA Measurements & Set-Up as per EU/SANS/ISO Standards 
Acoustic Tests & Measurements 
Room Acoustic Treatment 
Environmental & Industrial Noise measurements 
Sound Masking Measurements & Set-Up 
Voice Evacuation Measurements & Set-Up 
PA Sound Checks & Measurements 
Noise Pollution Checks & Measurements 
System Testing & Set-Up
Cable & Loudspeaker Line Impedance Testing 
Special Product Development & Manufacture 
Wireless Microphone RF Radiation, Coverage, Interference & Inter Modulation Solution
Audio Coverage & Sound Distribution Plots 
Consultancy & Project Management 
M.L.A's & S.L.A's 
FFT/Real Time Acoustic Tests:- Delay-Echo-Flutter-SPL-Intelligibility - Signal to Noise

Audio Tests Including:
T.H.D. Frequency Response
Output Power
Max Current
Idle currents
....and more

12v / 24v Amplifier Modules 
Powered Horn / Box Loudspeakers (CCTV Applications) 
Portable Integrated Amplifier / Loudspeaker Units 
Portable Integrated Sound Masking Units 
Digital Alert Tone Generators 
Digital Voice Message Unit 
IP CCTV Noise Sensing / Communication Unit 
100v Line Strobe Unit for Plant Rooms & other High Noise Areas 
Remote Switching Unit Noise / Contact Activation N/O & N/C Relay Contacts 
Portable Mic to Line Level Converter 3mv I/P - 1V O/P 600 Ohm 
Remote Volume Control - 100v Line 
Remote Volume Control - 8 Ohm Line 
Source Selector - Source Selector & Volume Control Combo 
10 Way 100 Volt Line 25 Watt Dummy Load Unit 
White Noise Generator 
1KHz Tone Generator 
Audio Signal Tester 1mv-100v AC for Testing Mic, Line Level & Amplifier O/P's
Remote Audio Switching Desk Top Consoles with Goose Neck Microphone 1-20 zone
Remote Audio Switching Desk Top Consoles with Goose Neck Microphone 1-20 zone - including Alert Tone / Voice Message Unit
System Fault Monitor Panel 
Remote Audio & Switching
DC Phantom Power, Wireless Remote, Radio Network Remote
Microphone Phantom Power Supplies & Switch Mode Power Supplies
Remote Switching Circuits
DC Phantom Power Supplies
Wireless Tone Generators