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Public Address / Evac


Public Address / Evac


IP-connected and fully-featured

Get all messages across, no matter what

Flexibility right from the start

Surprisingly flexible. Powerful control

The fast route to safety

A flexible approach to sound management

Sound management made easy

First-rate solutions for every audio application

High-quality speech intelligibility


PRAESENSA is the latest Public Address and Voice Alarm System from Bosch

All components of the system are networked, thereby ensuring the highest flexibility and scalability from small centralized to large decentralized systems. The OMNEO IP architecture supports DanteTM audio networking, AES67 and AES70 protocol.
The innovative multi-channel amplifier architecture with intelligent power allocation significantly improves the effective utilization of available power, regardless of the loudspeaker load in each zone. Other powerful features like full network link redundancy and intuitive call station interface complete the system.

PRAESENSA is a comprehensive system that adapts easily to changing needs. Compliant to the highest standards, it is a fit-for-purpose solution for consultants, installers and building owners alike. PRAESENSA, connecting all the dots.

PRAESIDEO Digital Public Address and Emergency Communication / Mass Notification System

With more than 20,000 installed systems worldwide, Praesideo is the number one solution for demanding public address and emergency sound applications. Fully certified according to EN54-16, it is the ideal choice for public announcements, scheduled events, background music, voice evacuation, and other applications that require operational versatility, superb sound quality, and absolute clarity.

PAVIRO Public Address and Voice Evacuation System with Professional Sound Quality

PAVIRO is a unique, high-quality Public Address and EN54-certified Voice Evacuation System that also delivers professional quality sound, thanks to its premium 24-bit digital processor, superior digital-to-analog converters, and outstanding Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). Its highly adaptable system architecture makes it ideal for small- to mid-sized offices, regional airports, mid-sized hotels, factories, schools, and department stores.

PLENA matrix Digital Sound System

The advanced features of the PLENA matrix Digital Sound System enable users to achieve superb audio performance with wireless control across up to eight output zones. With audio quality tailored for a wide range of applications – including live music, background music, high-demand speech environments and zone announcement – the PLENA matrix system delivers full featured digital audio control, with maximum flexibility and reliability.

PLENA Public Address and Voice Alarm System

The PLENA Public Address and Voice Alarm System range is an ideal evacuation, message and background music solution for a variety of locations, such as schools, hotels, shopping centers, factories, offices and similar applications where public safety is essential.

PLENA Public Address Solutions

PLENA Public Address Solutions can be used to tailor virtually any public address system to the precise needs of small-to-mid-sized locations. It can develop to an extensive, multi-zone public address configuration with digital messaging, automated functions and additional power capability

PLENA Public Address Easy Line

PLENA Public Address Easy Line is an intellligent plug-and-play solution for quality music and outstanding speech intelligibility thanks to one-zone or two-zone options. The system can be tailored to any small-to-midsized location depending on sound system requirements and voice announcement capabilities.


As a leading global player in the design and manufacture of public address systems, Bosch offers a wide range of loudspeakers that form part of these systems. It has a first-rate loudspeaker solution for every audio application, including EN54-24 certified voice alarm, speech and background music, as well as foreground music and professional audio.

The portfolio includes: Cabinet Loudspeakers, Column Loudspeakers, Active Line Array’s, Ceiling Loudspeakers, Sound Projectors and Horn Loudspeakers


Our Microphones offer impressive audio performance for public address and many other applications.

The portfolio includes: Omnidirectional dynamic hand held microphones, Unidirectional hand held and gooseneck microphones, Gooseneck condenser, microphones, Wireless handheld microphones, receivers and belt packs, Lavelier and head-worn microphones, Microphone accessories