Premier Fire Telephone system

fire telephone system
Fire Telephone System
The Premier Fire Telephone System is an emergency telephone system which has been developed in accordance with BS5839 part ll and BS5839 parts 8 & 9. This system is a fully monitored/battery backed communicator which enables fire offi cers / building management personnel to report the status of any emergency within a building quickly and efficiently to the main control centre. This ensures that the occupants are evacuated with ease and less panic. The whole system is simple to operate, and install and will work independently to any other emergency fire system within a building.
The system comprises of two main components these being the main control panel and the remote fire telephone. The control panel is wall mounted within the permanently manned main control room. There are various types of telephone remote units available, which are wall mounted in areas of risk such as stairways, corridors and “gathering” areas. Operation of these remote units are extremely simple - just lift the handset to contact the main control room.
fire telephone system
Typical Fire Telephone Wiring Diagram
fire telephone typical wiring diagram
pdfDownload data files here:  CONTROL PANEL (PFT.pdf)  -  TELEPHONE INTERFACE UNIT (ZATIU.pdf)  

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